Valentine’s Day

Each year as February rolls around, I’m ready for emphasizing love within our family after spending a greater amount of time indoors than usual.  Since Valentine’s Day comes this month, I’m ready to make it less about romance, and more about learning about the greatest love — God sending his one and only Son — and sharing that with my family.  It’s not very elaborate, which is good, but this is how we celebrate:

In late January I pull out my Valentine decorations.  These decorations include some Bible verse hearts like this one:

Bible verse heart

I bought some inexpensive hearts from Michaels one year and added several different LOVE Bible verses to each one.  I hang them throughout the house.  We don’t really talk or discuss this very much, but they are there.

I also have a heart shaped box sitting in the kitchen.  It’s our Valentine’s kind note box.  Just before Valentine’s Day, each family member will write a short note to each family member.  To help them make sure they include everyone, I have printed out strips of paper that read “to” and “from” and include one for each person.  When they finish writing the notes, they will put them in the box.  On Valentine’s Day we open it and share the kind words with each other at supper time.  When they were younger, they told me what to right (except on my note which my husband wrote down.)

I also try to have a special dinner for the whole family on Valentine’s Day.  This year I also hope to share a little bit about the legend and origin of Valentine’s Day with them.

Do you have any special ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your family?