Shema – Remind Yourself (11-23-2011)


A Mezuzah is part of Jewish tradition connecting with the Shema. In a very literal sense when the Shema passage tells families to “Write them on the door frames of your houses and on your gates” (Deuteronomy 6:9) the Mezuzah fulfilled this command.

Traditionally the Mezuzah was designed to contain a small scroll. Written on the scroll were the words of the Shema Israel. These were put on the door frames on houses. Sometimes they would be put on every door frame within the house accept for bathrooms and closets (too small to be considered a room).

I like Mezuzahs just for the visual reminder that they provide. You can put one on the inside or outside of your house as a daily reminder every time we leave or return home that our job today is to teach our children about Jesus. You don’t even need the scroll on the inside, since you don’t take the scroll out and read it. The decorative Mezuzah is enough to remind us that Jesus should be a part of our day.

You can buy a Mezuzah online or if you are so inclined make your own.

Here are some links for purchasing a Mezuzah online.
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How to remind yourself in the 21st Century

Families today have many ways they remind themselves of important dates, information, and activities. Think about what you use in your daily life to help remember stuff.
1 – Smart phones – with calendars, text reminders, and updates
2 – Post It notes – little yellow pieces of paper that stick to anything – we use them for all kinds of reminders
3 – Family Calendars – keeping the family organized through scheduling
4 – Text messages and emails – we often send each other texts and emails to remember things
5 – Signs and Art around the house – Do you have Christian art or symbols hanging in your home? Where could you place such ‘art’ in order for it to remind you of your parental duty?This task that God has given parents to pass on the faith is so important that God tells us to remind ourselves. To use whatever means necessary to make sure we don’t forget, or miss opportunities to teach our children about Him.Think about ways you can create reminders in your life. Teaching your children about God is the most important thing you will ever do – Don’t forget! Remind yourself everyday to share the Gospel with your kids, leading them towards Jesus and heaven as their home.

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