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Are you a godparent or sponsor?  What do you do in this role to help pass the faith on?  Share what you do to connect with the godchildren in your life.

Prayers for my Godchild – Download this PDF for prayer ideas –  You can also use these prayers to create a photo album of your godchild as a gift for their confirmation.

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Prayers for my Godchildren (email 3/8/2012)

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Are you a godparent? What do you do for your godchild to help them as they grow in the faith? What plans do you have to guide them towards Jesus and heaven as their home? This video explains the concept and role of godparents (sponsors).

Prayers for your godchild

Created by Connie Denninger

Download a PDF of prayer ideas for godparents to pray for their godchild.
(click the image to download the PDF; the basic text is provided below)

I pray that you KNOW that
  you are a special person.
Precious, cherished and most of all—loved.
You are His child.

I pray you BELIEVE you can
  achieve your goals-
with the Lord’s help.

I pray you DARE to dive off the high board,
ride with the top down
and dance like there is no on watching—-
because He has created joy.

I pray you FIND the best in others-
choosing to focus on strengths rather
than weaknesses- because He sees good in you.

I pray you CELEBRATE what you have
each morning and are fortunate enough
to learn something new each day.
His created world is amazing.

I pray you PROMISE only what you can deliver,
then deliver more than you promise,
because He keeps His promises.

I pray you KEEP that childlike sense
of wonder alive in you.
God delights in you.

I pray you DISCOVER your creative spirit
and are never afraid to color
outside the lines-
the creator of the universe lives in newness.

I pray you TRUST with the innocence
of a baby and the wisdom of an aged sage-
for He knows all things for your good.

I pray you CHOOSE to love life with
optimism and joy-
for He has redeemed your soul.

I pray you EMBRACE the unknown
and meet each new experience with anticipation-
for He walks each step of the way with you.

I pray you have COURAGE to be yourself
and not a copy of others-
He designed only one you.

I pray you DELIGHT in the wonder of nature-
His world is new each dawn.

I pray you TREASURE your friendships
and choose friends that bring out the best in you-
and find your riches in Him.

I pray you LOVE someone so much it takes
your breath away-
He loves you and gave His Son for you.

I pray that you KNOW you are a special person.
Precious, cherished and most of all—loved.
You are His child.

I pray you REMEMBER that when you need
a place of comfort, or a heart that cares
about your happiness,
His love is ever present and wider than the universe.

Resources for further training and ideas.

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