Teaching the Nativity (12-15-2011)

Getting the true Nativity story straight from the Bible.
Then looking into the major characters for a little background information.

Web sites about the Nativity

The Truth about the Nativity

The Shepherds and Sheep

A complete accurate look at the Nativity through a Question and Answer format

Family Traditions

Many family traditions grow out of the Advent and Christmas season. From advent wreaths, to decorating the Christmas tree. From holiday lights to advent calendars.

Develop the tradition of telling the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus. This will help get through the misconceptions and additions in the story of the birth of Jesus. On Christmas eve, gather the family around the Christmas tree, and have someone read the 3 Bible passages that tell us the story. From Matthew chapter 1, and Luke chapter 2 you get the story of Mary and Joseph and the Shepherds. In Matthew chapter 2 you get the story of the Magi.

You can do this is a quiet reading, with the lights low, and perhaps the candles from the advent wreath all lit. Or you can make a production out of it, having your kids dress up like the various characters and you be the narrator.

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