Pop Culture and Faith – Music (5/17/2012)

Have you ever considered using popular culture to make connections to your faith as you teach your children about Jesus? Music is a big part of our daily lives both as humans and as Christians. Music is all around us and is used to tell a story, convey an emotion, or teach a lesson. Music also helps create memories. All of this means that music is a wonderful tool for passing on the faith.

Connect with your kids about the music they are listening to. Talk about the lyrics, the content, the theme, and the emotions. Use this as an opening to talk about Jesus and living for Him.

Bonus Activities for Families

with devotional thoughts
Name that Tune

Try playing “Name that Tune” with your kids – Make the connection to music and memory. Throw in some church songs to see how they are remembering theology and God’s story through music.

Name that Band

Turn on the radio in the car and see who can guess the band first. Use this as a way to listen to music together. Share with your kids Music and Groups from your youth.

Play a singing game

Use your imagination to change the lyrics of popular children’s songs to connect with Bible stories. For example: Instead of “The Farmer in the Dell,” “The Disciples in the Dell.” Or “London Bridges Falling Down” to “The Walls of Jericho are Falling Down.”

Some Questions to Spark Discussion

* What is the song about?

* What words jump out at you?

* What emotions or feelings are being expressed?

* Does the music project the same feelings as the words?

* As Christians, how do you react to this song?

* What are the Christian teachings in this song?

* Do you agree with the message of this song? Why or why not?

Web Resources for Families


Use this site for reviews and even ideas for Christian Connections to Popular Music.


Billboard.com has all the information on what songs are popular in various genres of music and with various segments of the population.  Use this to find out what “kids are listening to these days.”


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