Pop Culture and Your Faith – Movies 5-3-2012

Have you ever considered using popular culture to make connections to your faith as you teach your children about Jesus? Movies are a big part of our American culture. Movies also can be used to make spiritual connections.

There are 4 things to be looking for when you watch a movie – Themes, Quotes, Characters, and Opposites.

Check out this preview to a few of this summer’s blockbusters… get some ideas before you go to the movies about how to talk about Jesus after the movie.

Really like the idea? Here are some book resources to help develop your skills.

Web Resources


HollywoodJesus.com is perhaps the best resource for ideas and connections between Movies, Music, TV and more with Jesus and your faith.


Rotten Tomatoes is a place to get all sorts of reviews – it also has a nice collection of quotes that you can use to make faith connections.


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