The Lord’s Prayer – Video (1-26-12)

January 26, 2012 – The Lord’s Prayer

In the sermon on the mount Jesus gives some training on prayer, then he teaches us how to pray with His model known as the Lord’s Prayer. There is much we can learn from this instruction and model for praying in our families.

Jesus redefines our Relationship with God

Abba Father

When Jesus instructs His disciples on how to pray he opens by saying “Our Father”. He uses the word Abba, which has the connotation of ‘Daddy’. It is a term of closeness – Father to Son. This is the God we have always known, but for the original disciples it redefined who God is in relationship to His people. Before Jesus, there was great fear in speaking the name of God.

Here is a short clip from Monty Python that humorously shows us the fear that went into God’s name.

But Jesus says, Daddy – We no longer live in fear of the name, but realize we are to come to God with confidence – like a son would approach his daddy.

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