Resurrection Eggs (email 3/22/2012)

Resurrection Eggs are a wonderful way to teach your children the story of the last week of Jesus’ life. Fill each egg with something to represent various parts of the story from Palm Sunday through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

How you use the eggs is up to you and your family. You can hide them and do a traditional Easter egg hunt. You can open one every day for the 12 days leading up to Easter. You can create the eggs together and talk about each element as it connects to the story.

You can download a PDF of these ideas here.

Resurrection Eggs are plastic Easter Eggs filled with simple everyday items that help tell the story of Jesus from Palm Sunday through His death and Resurrection. You can use as many eggs or as few eggs as you like, depending on the depth and breadth of the story you plan to tell.

Each egg contains a simple object and a scripture verse that helps tell the story.
Families can number the eggs, then hide them like a traditional Easter Egg hunt. You can open one egg per day as you work your way through Lent. You can open all the eggs and help your children put them in order. Use your imagination and be creative…there’s no limit to how many eggs, what’s in the eggs, or how you use the eggs!

1 – Perfume sample or cotton ball with perfume on it. – Mary anoints Jesus’ feet. (John 12:3)
2 – Palm branch/leaf or a blade of grass. – Jesus’ triumphant entry. (Matthew 21:8)
3 – Bread – Last Supper and institution of Holy Communion. (Matthew 26:26)
4 – Praying Hands – Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane – (Mark 14:32)
5 – 3 Dimes – 30 pieces of silver that Jesus was sold for. (Matthew 26:14-15)
6 – Rope or string – Used to bind Jesus (Matthew 27:2)
7 – Soap – Pilate washed his hands of the matter. (Matthew 27:24)
8 – Rooster or feather – Jesus predicts that Peter will deny Him 3 times. (Matthew 26:33)
9 – Thorn – Jesus is forced to wear a crown of thorns. (John 19:2)
10 – Purple or scarlet cloth – Robe put on Jesus. (Matthew 27:28)
11 – Toothpick or twig cross – Jesus is forced to carry His own cross. (John 19:17)
12 – Dice – Soldiers cast lots for Jesus clothes. (John 19:24)
13 – Sponge with Vinegar – What Jesus was given to drink. (Matthew 27:34)
14 – Spear, or needle – Jesus was pierced in the side to confirm death. (John 19:33-34)
15 – Cloves/spices – Spices that the women were bringing to anoint Jesus body on Sunday. (Mark 16:1)
16 – Rock – A large stone was placed in front of the tomb. (John 20:1)
17 – Empty Egg – the tomb was empty! (Matthew 28:5-6)
18 – Linen fabric – Used to wrap Jesus body – was left in the tomb after Jesus rose again. (John 20:63-7)
19 – Nail – Thomas doubts and wants to see the nail marks in Jesus’ hands. (John 20:25-29)
20 – Fish – Jesus eats fish with disciples on Road to Emmaus. (Luke 24:41-43)
21 – Cotton Ball – Jesus ascended into heaven in the clouds, and will return in the same way. (Acts 1:11)

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