Giving Up Something for Lent (2/23/2012)

A popular tradition during the season of Lent is to give something up in order to free oneself for more time for prayer and worship. This can be an excellent opportunity for families. Try giving something up as a family in order to concentrate on extra family time, extra prayer time, and extra time growing in your faith.


The Skit Guys – “The Skinny on Fasting”

The “Skinny on Fasting” video  – with thoughts and questions to make it a devotion for your family.

Web Sites for further training

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and the “Skinny on Fasting” video shown below – with thoughts and questions to make it a devotion for your family

Book from Amazon – “365 Unplugged Family Fun Activities”


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Giving Something Up For Lent

As Lent begins today, let’s look at the tradition of giving something up for Lent.  I think it could be a wonderful activity for families to do together.  Find something that you can “give up” for Lent, in order to have more time for family connections, family prayer, and family devotions.  Post what your family decides to give up here – let’s share ideas!

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