M&Ms and Jesus

A great way to pass the faith on to your children is to tell the story of Jesus using everyday items.  Here is a poem written to teach the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection using a bag of M&Ms.  Give it a try today –

Also please post any ideas you’ve heard of or tried at home that use everyday objects to teach a lesson.  We could all use some ideas for bringing God into our everyday lives.

M&M poem  Click here to download PDF of poem

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Resurrection Eggs

Watch the Video for information and ideas about “Resurrection Eggs.”  Download the PDF for all the information and scripture references.

Click here for Resurrection Eggs  PDF – includes 21 ideas for things to put into resurrection eggs along with scripture references.

The name Resurrection Eggs® is a registered trademark of FamilyLife®. While we offer helpful suggestions here on creating your own eggs to tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, endorsement is not implied nor is any infringement intended. Resurrection Eggs® (the product) can be purchased directly from FamilyLife.com.

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Technology resources for growing in faith

The internet if FULL of great sites to help people of all ages grow in their faith. There are also many great apps, for those of you who use your phones more than your computer. Here’s a starter list. What sites, apps, or other resources have you found helpful for growing in faith?

Concordia Seminary free resources (via iTunes) – www.iTunes.csl.edu

Bible Gateway online Bible – www.biblegateway.com

YouVersion online Bible (also available as an app) – www.youversion.com

WGTS 91.9 radio station – www.wgts.org

Truth for Life – www.truthforlife.org

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries – www.rzim.org

Answers in Genesis – www.answersingenesis.org

Proverbs 31 Ministries (aimed at women) – www.proverbs31.org

Technology resources for cyber bullying

As use of technology grows among children and teenagers, the rates of cyber bullying increase as well. Here are some websites with helpful information for parents and kids about cyber bullying. What resources have you found helpful in this area?

Cyber Bullying Research Center – www.cyberbullying.us

Stopy Bullying (US Department of Health & Human Services) – www.stopbullying.gov

National Crime Prevention Council – www.ncpc.org/cyberbullying

Prevent Cyber Bullying & Internet Harassment – www.cyberbully411.org

Technology resources for helping those in need

There are many ways we can use technology as a tool to help those in need within our families and our communities. Here is a starter list, focusing specifically on northern Virginia. What are some ways you have utilized technology to help those in need?

Scheduling meals (called Helping Hands Ministry at Prince of Peace) – www.takethemameal.com

Ecumenical Communities Helping Others (ECHO) – www.echo-inc.org

NOVACO (helping homeless victims of domestic abuse) – www.novaco.org

Volunteer Fairfax – www.volunteerfairfax.org

Technology resources for dealing with temptation and sin

This category of resources deals with temptation (especially in regard to technology), and how we deal with sin in our families and releationships. What are some resources that you have found helpful?

XXX Church – www.xxxchurch.com

Ambassadors of Reconciliation – www.hisaor.org

Net Nanny internet filter – www.netnanny.com

Technology resources for families

We’re compiling a list of helpful sites for families in a variety of categories. Here is what we have come up with so far for general family websites. Which sites would you add? Which sites have you found helpful for passing on the faith at home?

Sticky Faith – www.stickyfaith.org

Family Life – www.familylife.org

Focus on the Family – www.focusonthefamily.org

Common Sense Media – www.commonsensemedia.com

Center for Parent-Youth Understanding – www.cpyu.org

The Digital Kids Initiative – www.digitalkidsinitiative.com


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Are you a godparent or sponsor?  What do you do in this role to help pass the faith on?  Share what you do to connect with the godchildren in your life.

Prayers for my Godchild – Download this PDF for prayer ideas –  You can also use these prayers to create a photo album of your godchild as a gift for their confirmation.

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Prayers for My Children

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Praying for your children is one of the greatest responsibilities and joys of a Christian parent. Here is a simple project you can do at home to create a flip chart with 31 ideas, straight out of scripture, for praying for your children.

Download this PDF for instructions and the prayers to use in your project.  Watch the video for instructions.

Prayers for My Children

Adapted from an original design by Bob Hostetler by the Prince of Peace Design Team- This project created by Connie Denninger

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Giving Something Up For Lent

As Lent begins today, let’s look at the tradition of giving something up for Lent.  I think it could be a wonderful activity for families to do together.  Find something that you can “give up” for Lent, in order to have more time for family connections, family prayer, and family devotions.  Post what your family decides to give up here – let’s share ideas!

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