Thanksgiving Traditions that Point to Jesus

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and the holiday season it is a great time to create family traditions that point to God.  Holidays create wonderful memories for children – partly because we do things that are special and out of the ordinary.  This is a great time to connect our families to faith and life development.
What are some of your family traditions for Thanksgiving?  Add a comment to this post with your ideas.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Traditions that Point to Jesus

  1. We put up a leafless tree on a wall made of cardboard. We hand out and send leaves to our family members and friends who then return them to us to fill our tree full of thanks. Great to connect with our family who is spread all over the country. As we receive them back, we also pray for those friends and families.

  2. Every Thanksgiving we invite all the foster kids in our community and we share a pot luck dinner. We go around the table and each person tells what they are most grateful for.

    God has two homes;
    One in heaven,
    And the other
    In a humble and thankful heart.
    As we express our gratitude
    We must never forget
    That the highest appreciation
    Is not to utter words
    But to live by them.

    J. Kennedy

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