Take 5 for Family Devotions

Family devotions prove time and time again to be the most effective method for passing on the faith (outside of the Holy Spirit of course).  Family devotions show the importance that parents put on worshiping God in the home, as well as provide an opportunity for families to grow in their faith together.  They help families take the faith they practice on Sundays and turn it into something they do everyday… following Jesus is not something we do, its who we are – and Family Devotions help kids grasp that idea.

But – how do you do family devotions?

It doesn’t have to be difficult, complex, or long.  Check out this PDF called “Take 5 for Family Devotions” for easy ideas for creating family devotions in your home.


Family Devotion Page

Backpack Blessing

Place your hands on the backpack and have your children do the same – then have them repeat this prayer and blessing.

Heavenly Father,
Bless this backpack and all it contains.
Let this pack represent the coming school year and all that it entails.
Lord watch over me as I travel to school and back home.
Bless me with courage as I enter 2nd grade.
Fill me with a love of learning
and a passion for school.
Bless my teachers with wisdom and compassion.

Guide my choices
and keep me mindful of my actions.
Give me your Holy Spirit
that my faith might grow
and that I might love you more.
I dedicate this backpack
and this school year to you Lord,
may my time at school bring you Joy.
May my thoughts and actions
bring glory to your name.
In Jesus’ Holy Name
– Amen.

Continue the Blessing throughout the school year by adding notes of prayers and blessings for your kids to their backpacks or lunches.  Here are some Bible verses and ideas for notes to add.

Backpack Blessing Ideas