Pop Culture and Faith – Books (5/24/2012)

Have you ever considered using popular culture to make connections to your faith as you teach your children about Jesus? Books are wonderful avenues into faith discussions. From children’s books that explore nature, teach lessons, and talk about life to young adult literature that become immensely popular like Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games.

Using Popular Culture as a spring board into Spiritual conversations and discussions about God help connect faith to all of life. By engaging our children in meaningful conversations we not only participate in their lives, but share what it means to be a follow of Jesus in this world.

Conversation Starters

Questions to use with your kids…
Children’s Books
  • Did you learn about a new animal or part of God’s Creation?
  • What lesson did the characters learn?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • What was your favorite picture?
Harry Potter
  • Who is your favorite character and why?
  • How did Harry show bravery?
  • How does God want us to show bravery?
  • How does good and evil get demonstrated?
  • God talks about witchcraft in the Bible – He says to avoid it at all costs – How can we keep Harry Potter in the land of fantasy?
  • Role Models – What characteristics do you look up to in the various characters?
  • What aspects of their personality do you not like?
  • What makes you like these books?
  • Bella and Edward wait until marriage to go beyond kissing – what does God say about that?
The Hunger Games
  • Who do you relate to the most in the books?
  • What would you do if you were selected as a tribute?
  • How would being a follower of Jesus impact your decisions if you were in the Hunger Games?
  • Who sacrificed the most?
  • What would you be willing to do to protect the ones you love?

Web Resources for Families

 List and descriptions of 100 best Children’s Books from childrensbooksguide.com

From parents.com a series of “Best Children’s Books by Age”

Poll results of the top 100 Children’s Novels. Results include classics like “Charlotte’s’ Web” and “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” along with newer books like “Harry Potter”.


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