Following Jesus (email 4-26-2012)

As parents the best way to pass the faith on to our kids, is to be followers of Jesus ourselves. Jesus promises in Matthew 11 that he will make our burden light as we learn to follow him.

Play “Follow the Leader” and “Simon Says” with your kids. Use these games to talk about following Jesus.

Learn to follow Jesus by spending time in His Word.

How to Lead by Following

A reading from I am a Follower by Leonard Sweet

   What does this dancing guy on a hillside have to do with following Jesus? A lot more than you think.
   Take a look at what’s happening here in this moving parable. Look closer. Remind you a little of that crowd on the hillside passing out loaves and fishes? Jesus set the story in motion, but his disciples passed the food. If they hadn’t, the crowd wouldn’t have eaten—or been fed.
   Like all life’s decisions, dances begin with a motion, then someone passes the motion, and the motion goes forward with a yes from all. The way of the dance may start with an unconventional and unique way of moving. But the truth is, without someone to stand up and join in—to be a “first follower”—no true dance is born.
   If dancing is your life, then whose beat do you feel moving with the rhythms of your body? First followers feel the Jesus way, share the Jesus truth, and live the Jesus life. And they pass the Jesus dance on to others.
   So who is that first follower? Who is that risk taker willing to stand beside that unexpected innovator and be a dancing fool? Would it be you? Would you lay down your coat and get up and dance for Jesus? In front of everybody else? Knowing you’d be following a way of living different from everyone else, knowing you’d be taking on a new identity as a mover and a shaker, knowing your newest friend may well alienate you from the rest? A first follower is a way paver, a true disciple, and a life sharer. A first follower chooses a way to go even when no one else is going there. A first follower recognizes the truth even when no one sees the beauty of an ordinary dance. A first follower knows that to dance from the soul means to embody the dance itself.
   We are the followers. He is the dance. Feel the rhythm, pass the motion, make some music. Get up and dance.  (I Am A Follower, pp. 3-4)

Be the First Follower

Passing on the faith to our children means we need to be the ‘First Followers.’ We are the guy or gal who joins the dance when no one else has joined—and by doing so our children and others will join the dance, and become followers as well.

Being the first follower takes courage—but its worth it! Eternally worth it.


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