M&Ms and Jesus (email 4/12/2012)

Sharing Jesus with our kids can be done in many different ways. Some times the best way is using everyday things to connect to Jesus. Take M&Ms for example…

M&Ms are great for this one—with a little creativity you can tell the story of Easter and Jesus using a bag of M&Ms. Try this idea out today – AND let this be an example and motivator to come up with your own ideas for using everyday things to teach your children about Jesus.

Download the poem “Easter’s Sweet Story” by Joel Dietrich here.

Easter’s Sweet Story

— by Dr. Joel Dietrich

These candies tell a story, the best you will hear
About Jesus – His death so we could draw near

Notice the colors all 6 in our story
Telling of Jesus – His death, life and glory

The letter is more than what you might see
Turn it over to see an M, W, 3 and ELet’s start with brown the color of the cross
To which Jesus was nailed – where his life was lostThe red for His blood shed on Calvary
For your sins and mine that we might be freeThe M stands for Messiah who died in our place
Forgiving our sins through the gift of God’s Grace

The 3 counts the days Jesus spent in the grave
Refusing to stay, He rises to save

The E stands for Easter and God’s Eternal Plan
God brought us salvation by the death of one Man.

The Yellow and Orange tell of Easter’s sunrise
New life and it’s freedom replacing the cries

Green shows new life as clearly as Spring
That comes with the promise of the resurrected King

Blue is for Baptism’s claim of new life
Conquering sin with all of its strife

The W is for Worship and worthy is He
Of praise, adoration, submission, and glee

Finish the story with the candy’s sweet taste
Feeling God’s love and holy embrace

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  Created by Dr. Joel Dietrich

Minister to Families and Children
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
8304 Old Keene Mill Rd  –  Springfield, VA  22152

©2012, all rights reserved

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