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Are you a godparent or sponsor?  What do you do in this role to help pass the faith on?  Share what you do to connect with the godchildren in your life.

Prayers for my Godchild – Download this PDF for prayer ideas –  You can also use these prayers to create a photo album of your godchild as a gift for their confirmation.

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2 thoughts on “Godparents

  1. * I send a card and small gift on each Godchild’s baptism birthday. Sometimes it is a Bible story book or Christian CD. I have also given each of them their own Nativity that they can display. One thing I tried was sending a small amount of money and then telling them to use it to help someone else. I gave suggestions such as Samaritan’s Purse and the Lutheran Malaria initiative.

    * I also keep them in prayer — sometimes I pray for them in the same way I pray for my own children using the prayer book that was suggested in a previous post.

    *At confirmation as part of their gift, I made a foldable book which included their baptism and confirmation in it. After confirmation I am trying to stay more in contact with them through facebook and/or e-mail. I can SEE what they are up to – and pray for them as teenagers. Still sending a card to remind them of their baptism and confirmation.

    * A great resource is the book, A Word to My Sponsor: Celebrating the Life of Your Godchild by Richard and Hazel Bimler

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