Prayers for My Children

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Praying for your children is one of the greatest responsibilities and joys of a Christian parent. Here is a simple project you can do at home to create a flip chart with 31 ideas, straight out of scripture, for praying for your children.

Download this PDF for instructions and the prayers to use in your project.  Watch the video for instructions.

Prayers for My Children

Adapted from an original design by Bob Hostetler by the Prince of Peace Design Team- This project created by Connie Denninger

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2 thoughts on “Prayers for My Children

  1. Made this several years ago. Though it was visible, I didn’t use it much. From a suggestion of a friend, I know pray these out loud to my kids every school day. I keep it in the car — and I pray it as we leave the driveway. On days where we’re feeling frazzled, unkind, etc. it really quiets our hearts and gets us back on track if only for a few minutes. My kids keep me accountable so we rarely forget to pray now. The other thing that really makes this powerful for me, is that I know that others have it and use it so there are many parents praying the prayers on the same day for their children.

    • Here in Northern Virginia, we always have time in the car (and can’t go anywhere without hitting a red light along the way). I’ve used those red lights as a cue to pray with my kids (“saying red light prayers,” I call it.) When life keeps things so busy that it’s hard to find time to pray, this really works.I loved watching the video–really introduced me to this new tool (even though I’m not at all an arts and crafts guy). I like the way this ties prayers for my kids in with God’s Word. And I love your idea, praying this with your kids there–what a way to speak to our heavenly Father and to speak words of blessings over our children at the same time.

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